budget-friendly holiday spots

March emerges as a favorable month for exploring various corners of the world, with many regions celebrating the onset of spring during this time frame. Therefore, this month comes with a promise of a fresh start, and everything blooms with hope. So, it is a great time to plan your relaxing getaway and get some sun before the hot summer arrives. If you have a tight budget but want memorable March holidays, we have some budget-friendly holiday spots from the UK to visit in March. 

No matter how expensive your dream holiday may be, you can still plan a budget-friendly vacation with careful spending and planning. You must look for the ideal destinations within your budget and cheap March holiday packages to make your dream escape possible. Moreover, you must choose affordable accommodation and flights to ensure you spend your time appropriately during your holidays. 

Let’s save time and discuss some of the cheapest holiday spots you can visit in March. 

Cheap Holiday Spots to Visit in March


Turkey is known for its scenic beauty and beautiful mosques. The country is blessed with enough natural beauty to leave everyone in awe. Turkey has many stunning beaches and brilliant blue waters, which gives you the perfect beach escape in March. Not to forget the mouth-watering Turkish cuisine and rich cultural heritage that intrigues everyone. 

The weather is also quite pleasant in Turkey in March. Therefore, you can explore the region’s picturesque sites and prominent landmarks without any weather hurdles. You can have budget-friendly holidays in Turkey if you are okay with staying at an inexpensive hotel and exploring the free tourist sites in the region. 


Tulum is a stunning town in Mexico. It serves as an ideal vacation destination for those seeking a lavish experience without incurring excessive expenses. Many regional luxury resorts are not as expensive as other luxury resorts. Also, the peak season has just ended in March, enabling you to secure some good discounts on these resorts. Other cheaper accommodation options offer deals and discounts during the off-season. 

This Mexican town is known for its Playa Paraiso beach and Mayan ruins that are unmatched in their splendor. So, you will have a great March escape in this region with a wide range of activities to participate in. You can snorkel in the underground caverns and visit the awe-inspiring historic sites or ruins of ancient buildings. 


The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, is an exciting holiday spot with its marvelous architecture, fascinating historical centers, and mouth-watering cuisine. March is a great month to visit the region as you can avail of the low early spring rates that many airlines and hotels offer. The weather in this month is also quite pleasant, making it perfect for the tourists to explore the city perfectly. 

You can stroll around the historical neighborhoods of Lisbon and see its stunning colonial architecture. For those in pursuit of a serene beach day, this city emerges as an ideal destination. Furthermore, the city’s profound historical background renders it a compelling must-visit locale for this upcoming holiday season.

Punta Cana 

Do you want the perfect tropical holiday at a beautiful beach destination without breaking the bank? If so, Punta Cana is an excellent option with its sandy white beaches and stunning waters. You can have as many beach days as you want in this region of the Dominican Republic, as the weather is ideally warm. 

Moreover, you can also indulge in various water activities in this slice of paradise. Tourists also love to explore the hidden lagoons inside the lush green forests. If planning your March holiday from the UK, consider travelling to Punta Cana for an unforgettable experience. 


The Canary Islands are Europeans’ favourite beach destination. Tenerife stands as a prominent island in this locale, renowned for its picturesque beaches. Whether you seek vibrant beach parties or tranquility on a secluded shore, the diverse coastal offerings in the region cater to all preferences. You will also find some of the black volcanic sand beaches that are a must-visit and are worth the hype. 

March is a budget-friendly time to visit Tenerife as the region has fewer crowds. Therefore, you can avail of some deals and discounts for an affordable experience on this paradise-like island. 

Final Words

Do you want to make an online holiday booking soon to get the best deals but are still confused about the holiday spot? If so, this list of budget-friendly holiday spots and cheapest places to live to visit in March from the UK might give you the inspiration for your next escape. There are numerous options available depending on what type of a holiday you are looking for, whether you prefer a traditional beach escape or wish to explore a destination’s unique history and culture. So, ensure you know what you want to make the right decision.