A2 Card Making Tips

Making a card can be a hobby or sometimes a necessity, especially if you need something specific to your taste. In such instances, you can create the cards at home and design them based on your needs and preferences. Cards like A2 can serve different purposes like branding, marketing, innovation, and writing love messages to friends, spouses, family, and any pen close to you.

Regardless of the need, you should ensure it is perfect to create a lasting impression on the recipient.

If you buy A2 cards, you probably lose more money than you could save by making the cards at home. Making the cards will help you save some cash for limited usage for business and invitation needs. If you are interested in making some for yourself, here are some tips to help you refine the final version and cards. These tips should apply regardless of the procedure and the type of A2 card you are making.

Decorating the Card to Your Preferences

A2 cards can be used for various purposes and needs; therefore, when designing and creating one, you should consider these needs. For business and professional usage, the card should have business brand colors and a logo attached. The cards should be printed with details like business address, products, etc. To do that, make sure that every vital detail has been written or build in before you cut, fold, and seal the piece of paper to send it.

For other needs like invitations, you can create room for more décor to make the card look impressive. To meet such requirements, the nature of cardstock used can also differ, i.e., It should be glittery and colorful to suit the occasion and need. You can also add ribbons and flowers to impress the audience.

Making the perfect A2 card for these needs would require other processes like watercolor and ink blending; hence, the cardstock should withstand these processes. Alternatively, if you need any special A2 card for these special occasions, you could order premade, customized designs for these needs. If you insist on customized cards, buy the card stocks from quality sources to create the much-desired card background.

Having the Perfect Tools

Despite being time-consuming, your work can be simplified with the right tools. Here are some tools you may need for your craft: A paper trimmer or a guillotine for the perfect size and cuts. With a perfect cut, you will have sharp edges that appear neat when folded. Remember, every A2 should have a sharp and perfect edge.

To fold the cards, you can use your hands, but since you need a card with perfect edges and surfaces, a scoring board or bone folder will help with the job. Using the board or bone folder ensures the edges appear right-angled and the paper remains plain without any lines.

Next, a perfect A2 card should be made of high-quality, sturdy, durable cardstock to prevent simple wear and tear. With good materials, you get a thick, smooth card that will not become harmed when used in various colours. A good material should also withstand different stamps without fading or damage caused by the fluids spreading through the paper or diffusing to interfere with the card contents. For the sakes like branding, the card should

Cards can be suitable for various purposes like branding and marketing; hence, the selected material should appeal to the eye. You can experiment with different colors and patterns, including cardstock colors, to create amazing looks and impressions.

To ensure the edges stick in place once folded, you need an adhesive to attach the folds and other decor added to the card. There are various options for adhesives, such as double-sided tape, liquid glue, glue sticks, and other choices depending on the nature of the cardstock and the desired goals. Use glue that will not cause any damage to the card. You should also apply it carefully to avoid bubbles and gaps in the card.

Cutting the Perfect Size

Making the perfect cut involves cutting precisely and neatly; therefore, your cutting objects should be sharp and large enough to make a single cut. When cutting, you can follow two procedures: For a perfect cut, you need to cut within the lines, leaving no room. These are perfect for a single A2 card.

However, if you plan to fold the card, you should create extra room and space for folding, gluing, and other activities. Therefore, you should precisely account for how much space the fold will take. This will enable you to create perfect edges without overlapping sections and uniformity. Failure to account for the extra space will lead to other challenges, i.e., the folds may not be of the perfect size, with one side longer and overlapping than the other.

Either way, for a perfect cut, position the card horizontally or vertically to make sure all the sides and edges are smooth and perfectly trimmed. Besides the paper trimmer, you can also use cutting blades to remove extra surfaces and edges.

Coloring the Cards

To make an A2 card, you may want to use a number of colour, so you need the right tools for the task at hand. To serve some uniformity in coloring, you need watercolor pencils, pastels, alcohol markers, and water-based markers. Each of these will be essential for various needs like writing, drawing, coloring edges, and others. You should never rely on one tool for all these needs. Coloring can either be the first or the last process, depending on the intended goal.


Making A2 cards is simple as long as you abide by the basic guidelines, like having the right tools, making perfect cards, and deciding on the design and décor. The goal is to make the card aesthetically pleasing; hence, the edges should be sharp and uniform, and the cardstock should be high quality. Finally, ensure you use the perfect color combination based on the preferred purposes like branding.