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With a heritage dating back to 1914, Antler has become a leading luggage retailer in the UK. Choose from their extensive collection of durable hard and soft suitcases, backpacks, holdalls, and messenger bags, ensuring you're well-equipped for any type of journey, whether it's a solo adventure or a family vacation. Antler also caters to business travelers with their range of laptop bags for seamless work on the move, along with garment carriers to keep you looking sharp upon arrival. Don't miss out on incredible savings - utilize our Antler voucher codes, promo codes, and enticing offers to enjoy significant discounts.

Rated 4 from 16 votes


Rated 4 from 16 votes

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10% Off First Purchase When You Sign Up by using our Antler discounts 21 July deal 💷
Up To 40% Off Luggage And Suitcase Sets by using our Antler discounts 21 July deal 💷
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Travel in Style with Antler Voucher Codes & Online Deals

In the realm of travel, having reliable and stylish luggage is essential for a seamless journey. Antler, a prominent brand in the luggage industry, has been revolutionizing the way we travel for over a century. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, Antler offers a diverse range of luggage options that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the story behind Antler, delve into their exceptional product offerings, and highlight the key features that set them apart from other luggage brands.

Take advantage of our amazing Antler voucher codes, promo codes, and offers to save big on high-quality travel bags. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a long-haul adventure, Antler provides durable and stylish luggage solutions to suit your needs. From sleek carry-ons to spacious suitcases, their collection boasts innovative features and superior craftsmanship. With our carefully curated deals, you can enjoy substantial discounts on their range of premium travel bags. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your travel experience while saving money. Browse our selection of Antler offers today and embark on your next journey in style and savings!

A Legacy of Excellence:

Antler's history traces back to 1914 when John Boultbee Brooks had a vision of crafting luggage that exemplified unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Throughout the years, Antler has maintained a steadfast focus on creating extraordinary luggage that endures the trials of time. Their unwavering dedication to perfection is evident in every element of their products, ranging from the use of the finest materials to the scrupulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process.  By choosing Antler, you can have confidence that you're acquiring luggage that embodies a rich heritage of excellence. Additionally, Antler voucher codes may be available, offering opportunities to save on their exceptional products.Innovative Designs for

Modern Travelers:

Antler has consistently been a pioneer in the luggage industry, driving innovation forward. They constantly push the limits and endeavor to develop designs that meet the ever-changing demands of contemporary travelers. Antler's luggage is meticulously crafted with a focus on lightweight yet robust materials and incorporates ergonomic features to elevate the travel experience. From the effortless maneuverability of their spinner wheels to the telescopic handles that effortlessly adapt to your desired height, or even the convenience of integrated USB charging ports for seamless connectivity while on the move, Antler meticulously tailors their designs to cater to the requirements of discerning modern travelers.  Moreover, Antler offers the opportunity to save on their exceptional products with the use of discount codes, allowing you to enjoy their innovative luggage at a more affordable price.

Diverse Range of Luggage Solutions:

Antler recognizes that each traveler has distinct preferences and specific needs when it comes to their luggage. To cater to this diversity, they provide a wide array of options tailored to suit every type of journey. Whether you're embarking on a brief business trip, a memorable family vacation, or an exciting adventure-filled getaway, Antler offers the ideal luggage solution for your needs. Their comprehensive collection encompasses carry-ons, suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and more, all meticulously designed with a focus on versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. With Antler, you can effortlessly discover the perfect travel companion for any adventure. Additionally, keep an eye out for their promo codes, which may offer special discounts and opportunities to save on your preferred luggage options..

Uncompromising Durability:

When it comes to choosing luggage, durability is of utmost importance. This is an area where Antler truly excels, as they prioritize creating products that can withstand the demanding nature of travel. Antler's luggage is meticulously crafted using sturdy materials, fortified corners, and reliable zippers to offer optimal protection for your belongings. Whether you're navigating bustling airports, encountering rough terrains, or braving inclement weather, you can trust that Antler's luggage will remain resilient, keeping your possessions safe and secure throughout your entire journey.  Additionally, Antler often provides discounts & vouchers, allowing you to invest in their durable luggage at a more affordable price.Fashion-Forward


Antler believes that luggage should not only be functional but also make a fashion statement. Their designs strike the perfect balance between style and practicality, allowing travelers to express their individuality while adhering to their travel needs. From sleek and minimalist aesthetics to bold and vibrant patterns, Antler offers a diverse range of designs to cater to different tastes and preferences. With their attention to detail and timeless aesthetics, Antler luggage is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Travel Made Easy:

Antler understands that ease of use is crucial for a stress-free travel experience. That's why their luggage is designed with convenient features that make packing, organizing, and maneuvering effortless. With expandable compartments, multiple pockets, and compression straps, you can optimize your packing space and keep your belongings well-organized. Antler's smooth-rolling wheels, adjustable handles, and lightweight construction ensure smooth navigation through airports, train stations, and city streets. With their intuitive designs, Antler makes traveling a breeze.

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